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In Zamakor beads we do not stop taking out new models. This time we have followed two different lines. On the one hand new models of pieces for earrings with Swarovski and on the other hand pieces with resin for pendants and bracelets.

Today I am going to focus on the new models for earrings. On the one hand we have created a line of irregularly elongated pieces with and without Swarovski crystal, so you can use them as a pendant and for earrings. They have been made with both lateral and frontal clamping holes. With this very original compositions are made, as you can see in the photos.

On the other hand we have made earring models of different shapes, both in zamak and smooth silver and with Swarovski of different shades. The good thing about these earrings models is that they also have their corresponding pieces for pendants and bracelets, with which to make complete sets that can be worn together.

Finally tell you that we have an earring model that is placed behind the ear. It is a new model that in our case we have combined with another basic earring also with Swarovski, so there is a very beautiful set.

So far today’s post, you can see all the news in this link. See you soon!