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Zamak Beads

Handmade zamak beads

In our zamak bead shop you will find pieces with exclusive designs, with a high quality of finishes and at very interesting prices. We sell specially designed beads to make bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings. In our online bead shop you will find pieces made with our personal touch, so you can make the jewelry that you like the most. We are manufacturers and we use silicone molds for our creations, so our beads all have a distinctive and handmade touch. Our pieces are handcrafted and finished one by one, so quality is what differentiates us in each of the beads and jewelery that we serve.

Quality of our parts

We finish all our beads and zamak pieces with an 8-micron fine silver bath and their subsequent aging treatment, so they are high-quality pieces and beads that do not spoil over time. Although the vast majority of the pieces are finished in old silver, we also finish in shiny silver. These finishes are only supplied on request.

Other products we manufacture

In addition to the zamak creations to create your jewelry, we manufacture resin elements in various colors and finishes, in addition to those you can see on the web, we also make them to measure. The trimmings, both brass and silver, are another of the elements that we work with in our workshop.

Buy zamak beads

The Zamakor Bead online store is the most convenient way to buy beads online to make jewelry and costume jewelery with different designs. Orders are processed the same day and are served within 2-7 business days of receipt. The packages with the orders are sent by the transport agency NACEX (in the case of Spain and Portugal). Through this transport company you can track the shipment at all times, although you will not need it, because the shipments arrive very quickly!

Zamak beads wholesale

We are manufacturers and suppliers of jewelry and costume jewelery, made with high quality zamak, pewter, brass and silver. Our products stand out for their finishes with precious materials. We have more than 30 years serving jewelers, artisans, jewelry stores, warehouses and wholesalers, always offering innovative and fashionable designs. Our long history and dedication have made us a benchmark company.

With the passage of time we have incorporated the latest technology machinery, in addition to having a long-term work team. We also manufacture beads and items at the request of our customers. If you require personalized attention due to a high volume of order, do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone to offer you a tailored rate.


All orders are shipped by Nacex (in Spain and Portugal), and delivered 24 hours after shipping (in most cases). In special cases such as shipments to the Canary Islands, orders are sent by post, although in this case orders are not accepted with payment on delivery. For the rest of the countries, you can calculate the price of the shipment when placing an order, where we indicate the transportation agency in each case. If you want to place an order from a country other than those we have enabled, you can contact us to place orders.

Customer Support

You can contact us by several means. The usual thing is to use the mail or use the contact form. Our phone is 688 269 875. From here I invite you to follow us on social networks, where you will see the news that we constantly get (below you have the links)

Secure payment

In our online bead shop you can pay for your purchases the way you prefer. We accept payments by Paypal, by Credit Card, by Bank Transfer, and even Cash on delivery. You also have our return policy available if you are not satisfied with your order.

* on the peninsula