Examples of beads 38

Earrings with Swarovski crystal

Hammered Earrings

Ball ring

Swarovski long earrings

Bracelet with Swarovski

Swarovski ring

Small earrings with Swarovski

Triangular earrings

Flat ball ring

In this new collection, we have incorporated a very original pendants and earrings model into the store. They have in the center Swarovski crystal in different colors and they are taking a lot this season.

Mandala earrings

Square chain earrings

Thread earrings with Swarovski

Round earrings with Swarovski

Mandala pendant

Square chain pendant

Thread pendant with Swarovski

Round pendant with Swarovski

We continue with new handmade models with Swarovski crystal in different shades. Many of these models are used to make compositions, in which the limit is set by your imagination. And best of all, you can combine them with other models in our catalog!

Swarovski pendant with handles

Swarovski crystals pendant

Connector with Swarovski crystals

Swarovski small pendants

Swarovski flower pendant

In the same African style we have designed rings with enamel for the catalog that you will surely like very much. They match with other models of bracelets, bracelet beads and earrings, with the same enamel tones.

African enamel ring

Colored daisy ring

Petals Ring

In this section you can see bracelets with rigid sides, also of zamak with silver plating. The good thing about these bracelets is that they are adjustable, because they have a carabiner clasp with a small chain.

African bracelet

Margarita bracelet in color

Mandala bracelet

Petals with enamel bracelet

Flower bracelet

Mandala flower bracelet

Some of the latest news from our store you can see below. These are several models of earrings and matching rings. The vast majority are based on mandalas, with models in which you can get the matching rings and earrings.

Half moon earrings

Spiral earrings

Mandala earrings

Mandala adjustable ring

Mandala flower ring

Adjustable ring with Mandala

Flower Mandala Ring

Flower type mandala earring

Zamak Mandala Ring

Zamak mandala earrings