Examples of beads 54

There are several models of necklaces that we have created with the new pieces that we have incorporated in the store. Do models with pieces of zamak and resin. They are powered with a mixture of colors so you can see the sample, but the ideal is to use one or two tones.

The other necklace model is composed of pieces of zamak, balls and beads with Swarovski. The number of models that can be achieved with these pieces is very wide, in addition to being able to combine them with earrings and bracelets that we also have in our store.

Next, a whole collection of earrings made mainly with beads that carry Swarovski crystal in different shades. How these beads are available in up to 8 different colors, both finishes and combinations are very wide.

Patients with rectangular links

Bracelet with colored beads

Here you can see some examples of bracelets, both in smooth zamak models and with Swarovski beads or resin in various shades.

Bracelet with colored beads

Zamak link bracelet

Swarovski bead bracelet

These are some of the models we have made with zamak beads and silver plating. With a little imagination you can create unique pieces that you see look great.
In this section you can see earrings with Swarovski crystal. Remember that all are available in several shades, so you can combine them as you prefer.

Colored earrings with link

Swarovski earrings

We have also used resin beads for earrings, different models and finishes, an example of the models that can be obtained with these pieces.

Earrings resin bead

Earrings with trinket and leaves

Earrings with resin beads

Compositions with large pendants. All very demanded, of zamak with silver finish and in large size. In these images you can see round pendants with flower motif, hoop and spiral. In addition to a bead with a leaf motif, specially made to put an extensible knot on one of its sides.

Spiral pendant

Big hoop

Flower pendant