Pendant Cross Atlas

Pendant Cross The Atlas Mountains.

made of zamak and silver.

Measures 28mm high by 18mm wide.

The hole has an inner of 2mm.

The beads Atlante have special properties that affect our bio-energetic field.

The function of the beads, the Atlantean is the generate energy fields on the Nadis or meridians. These flow through the body reaching up to the fingers, where they are transmitted to the whole body bioenergetic.

These beads are able to influence on the problems of the subtle body and the physical body.

The isosceles triangles in the shape of a pyramid purify the energies, transforming them into positive ones that flow to the inside of the ring through the holes of their vertexes.

This is the reason why these beads are so beneficial, influence in a comprehensive way. Along with the Atlantis ring (rings in the rear) is a powerful talisman of protection.