In this new blog post I want to show you the different necklace chains we have designed. There are several exclusive models, which are mainly characterized by being composed of thick links, a model that is certainly becoming very fashionable.

This type of chain with thick links is also worn this season in golden colours, but you know that we are faithful to the silver finish. This is a finish that never goes out of style and being a neutral colour, it goes perfectly with anything you wear.

Eight new chain models are based on this type of thick link, some inspired by the classic calabrote and others with the large, carved link that is so popular at the moment. We even wanted to include a very original type of chain, in which the different links are in the shape of a heart.

As you can see in the photos, these are models that go well with everything. You will see them both in the summer season and in winter, as they look great on thicker garments.

Visit our online shop by following the link to zamak chains, where you will see all the models we have available.