At Abalorios Zamakor we have renovated our shop. The reasons that have led us to renew the website have been several, but the main one is the possibility of being able to see the products and place orders more easily from the mobile.

What’s new

The new format has been designed so that it can be used much better on the mobile or tablet, as we know that many of our customers see us from these devices.

The product images have been made much more visual. In addition to the soft background image of the products, we are incorporating other images with real backgrounds, so you can appreciate the real size and details of the beads. Many of these images are also available in examples.


Shop in French, English and Dollars

Now the shop has a Spanish, a French and an English version, more and more customers are coming from other countries. Shopping from other countries is now much easier.

We have also incorporated the choice of currency, now orders can be placed more comfortably both in Euros (as before) and in US Dollars. So you no longer have any excuse to order from our online shop.

Prices for registered customers

Prices at Abalorios Zamakor are only available for registered customers. If for any reason you can not use your account, you can change your password to continue using it as usual. Remember that now we moderate the new registrations, so it will take one or two days to authorize your account, be patient.

In Abalorios Zamakor we want you to be able to place your orders as easy as possible and with the best information. If you have any suggestions about the new shop, leave your comment …