In this post I want to show you the different beads we have with a flower as the main motif. From rings to earrings, through pendants, many of them with mirrored glass in different colours.

Models of flower rings

The flower ring models are available in silver finish and with mirrored glass in the centre. Remember that this mirrored glass can be chosen in a multitude of colours, creating a very special effect depending on the light and colour you choose.


So that you can make sets or wear the matching beads, a flower pendant with a mirrored glass centre in different finishes is available in the shop. As with the rings, the mirror effect is intense and variable depending on the light it receives.

Flower earrings

These are the last to arrive. We thought that, in order to have the complete set, a pair of stud earrings in a smaller size would be the ideal way to match them. The best thing is that they have the same colours to choose from as the other beads, so they are perfectly combinable.

I leave you the link so you can see all these models in the shop.